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In Ireland, you will get yourself lost in a world of your own. With the explicitly stunning countryside spread across the entire country, it is a place of purity, naturalness and tranquillity. The seascapes and moody skies will keep anyone on the edge as more people are recognising Ireland’s incredible beauty and inspirations.

From magical castles, poignant ruins, ancient archaeology and thousands of miles of rugged coastline, the elements of Ireland make it a unique country of its kind. In Dublin, you may stumble across the elegant Georgian Squares or the County Clare’s beautiful and barren limestone-poured Burren, either one though, you will never be too far from the breath-taking countryside, stone walls and narrow, twisty roads. There are certain things about Ireland that make it quite addictive. For example, their accents are so friendly and warm; it really makes any visitor feel welcome in Ireland. This inviting feeling is really valued and treasured from an emotional perspective, making a tourist more inclined to want to return in the future.

Their economy is strong and prosperous, which makes the country even more favourable for investment purposes. Outside of Ireland’s hectic cities and towns you will find miles and miles of unexplored and unspoilt terrain. It is the perfect escapism for anyone looking to just take a step back, reflect and ‘be’ in the present moment. All over the country, it is impossible to hide from the cattle or any farm animal, but this adds, even more, character to their valuable culture and traditions.

The Irish housing market continues to look strong throughout 2017. They increased nationally in Ireland by 10.7% from February 2016-2017. This is great property news for investors who are looking for high ROI’s. Although Dublin has lead the way in the property market recovery, those who are living on the outskirts of Dublin are enduring the price increases too.

From February 2016 to February 2017 the average price paid by households for a home was €245,165. The lack of competition in the Irish real estate market is encouraging this trending price growth and this doesn’t look like it’ll be changing anytime soon.