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Technology and Real Estate

There is no question that technology and real estate has changed a lot in the last few decades. The process of selling homes used to require a lot of time to be dedicated to showing the home to clients. This was usually started by going through the process of selecting the best properties to further inspect them. This meant scheduling appointments with clients looking for homes, meeting up with them at the property, and taking at least one or two hours to go over the entire place.
That is just one of the many aspects of real estate that used to be time consuming, but the point is that things used to be quite different before the internet completely changed the way the world works. Then we had another strong impact with mobile technology giving an incredible boost to the way we communicate and the way we capture images and video.

Technology and real estate online. a game changer.

Due to how easily anyone could take picture of homes and post them, online, the process of finding a house become easier for people. Agents started to upload images of those homes because they knew that clients appreciated not having to go out to see each home. This was a huge time saving feature that have them the chance to pick the homes they really wanted to see.
The biggest issue with technology and real estate is that it has made the industry much more competitive. There are many agents that are now working exclusively online and this is becoming a very common practice. That phenomenon is forcing traditional agents to start incorporating more technology into their services.
This means they should constantly upload the homes they are selling in their personal accounts. Some agents find Instagram ideal for this purpose. Others feel that Facebook is better. Every agent should be professional and secure they own domain with their personal website.
The important thing is for agents to understand the value of getting involved in the digital age. They should learn about proper online marketing strategies and they should be experienced in the use of popular social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

The modern world is fast paced and technology allows us to get much more done in less time. The need to evolve and adapt to this new world is crucial for success. The good news is that there is enough room for everyone to get onboard. If you need help with your marketing then just contact us for advise and see how our listings website can help.

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Real Estate Industry partnership that works

Getting the best deals in the real estate industry can be cumbersome most times because, without a proper listing of such property on sales directories where the prospective buyer would see and appreciate them, such property might remain unsold or sold for lesser value. In fact, real estate agents without the adequate exposure to reach a worldwide audience might have been getting paltry sum on deals that could make them a considerable higher price.

Furthermore, some real estate agents ironically focus all their resources on selling properties and have little or no provision for further marketing. Even as a giant in the real estate industry, you might be tempted into believing that you are making lots of sales and probably undermine marketing stride in the face of numerous sales, real estate agents might be taken aback to realise the advantages of a proper international marketing strategy in the present real estate industry.

Our company has over the years dedicated time, resource and passion into designing unique services and making genuine contacts that have the wherewithal to propel a real estate agents company to the global stage with a resultant effect of giving a massive global audience to your business in the shortest time possible.

With our vast social media presence, we can efficiently handle your marketing needs while you may focus your attention on striking the best deal with millions of prospective property buyers we would channel to your real estate company. Since your properties will be listed on our website at qlistings and all over our other channels, the more the sales, the better your profit margin.

Come partner with us today and experience a tremendous increase in your sales and market dominance in this incredibly competitive real estate industry. Let us take care of the global exposure for your properties.

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Advise When Buying Rental Property.

Be a Wise Investor When Buying Rental Property.

Purchasing rental properties is a great way to boost your assets and possible income. But, selecting the best rental property can be challenging. Below are some of the things you should check when buying rental properties.

Majority of people do not like to live in boon docks. The rental property location will determine how simple it’ll be to rent. Tenants always love the idea of living in nice neighborhoods close to every amenity. They like to be close to the stores, schools, work, hospitals, and recreational locations.

When buying rental properties, you might also want to check the numbers. See to it that you’ve noted every expense associated with the property and ensure that it has a positive cash flow. Consider the maintenance issues like any utilities that aren’t covered by tenant as well as accessing the cost of big projects including new roofing, furnace replacement, landscaping etc. Such projects happen only once every 15 to 20 years, yet you might be coming into this in the tenth year of that cycle. Take note that you should calculate your income low and expenses high. This will save you an ample amount of money in the long run.

Lower Maintenance Buildings
It is a wise idea to avoid the rental properties that require expensive routine maintenance. Several examples could be homes that have wood sided buildings, cedar-shake siding or shingles, cedar decks, brick driveways, and many more. Try looking down the road and know the other maintenance needs it would require in the long run. Remember that the lower the maintenance, the larger the profits and lesser headaches.

High Prices
Check in the areas with high home prices because it increases the demand for rental property. Look for an ugly house in the block that comes with a lower price, allowing you to buy within the margins. After some exterior and interior paint, a bit light of landscaping as well as new curtains, a house will get premium rent due to the neighborhood class. If people can’t afford buying a home in this class, they’ll have to rent. It will also create demands for rental properties.

Good Rental History
Every time you are purchasing rental properties, you should check rental history. Know how long the tenants are staying and determine if they pay rent on time. Several areas of a town are quick turnover times.

Below Market Rental Prices
Look for the properties that have below market rent prices. These will let you raise the rent and boost the property’s value. As per above, it might require a little work done to enable raising rental prices. The market value of the property is determined by the amount of the income received by rental properties. But, you have to take note that if the rental properties have tenants when you purchase it, they might not like this if you raise the rent price. In addition to that, know what kind of lease is in place as it goes with the sale.

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Most Popular Countries for Holiday Homes in 2016.

The Most Popular Countries for buying a property in 2016, for Investment and Holiday Homes.


No matter where you live or what your culture, ethnicity or religion is, you have to go through the rites of passage of buying a property at some point in your life in one way or the other. Yes, that’s a pretty big decision for all of us. When you’re searching for a suitable place to buy a property for investment and to use on holiday, you need to check out the location, local benefits, real estate value and such other factors before deciding. Different countries have different benefits and drawbacks associated with their real estate properties. However, here is a list of a few of the most popular countries for buying in 2016 for investment and holiday homes:

Spain can be considered the perfect spot for holiday homes because of its countless mesmerizing holiday locations. If you want to see urban life along with sun and sea, Spain is the best holiday location for you. In terms of investment, Barcelona is one of the finest places in Spain to buy a home as an investment as its real estate market can offer you a decent profit within no time. Moreover, you can also consider to invest in property in Catalonia or Costa Del Sol to buy cheap properties and rent it out (Rent is pretty high in this region).


Turkey has really proved its significant presence among other charming European locations. If you want to enjoy a little diverse culture in a modernized urban setting, it’s one of the best locations to enjoy holidays with friends and family. It’s beautiful as well as affordable for tourists. Its living cost is almost half as that of London and along with its rich and diverse culture makes for a fantastic location to search for property.

If you want the perfect European country where you cannot only invest in property but can also enjoy your holidays in your personal holiday home, sunnier and warmer South of France is the ideal destination for you. You can opt for vineyard regions for investment and can rent out your holiday homes to the tourists who often come there. The real best news is that the real estate prices have decreased in France in recent years, so it can be your best time to buy a holiday home and use it as an investment as well as to enjoy your holidays with friends and family.

United States of America
USA is also one of the most important places to be considered for buying a property or for investing in a holiday home. New York is not only its cultural capital but it is also popular for its exciting and enthralling activities, with people all over the world. Not a single person who has visited New York would ever tell you that he/she was bored in New York. Although living cost is a little higher than that of other place yet it’s pretty good for the kind of life it has to offer you. Moreover, buying homes for investment purposes can really make good bucks over time.

It’s the best location for North American people who want to invest in a cheaper but awesome location to enjoy their holidays in. If you need first world amenities along with sophisticated infrastructure and value for money, this is one of the top real estate hotspot you will find. It’s cheap as you can afford big luxuries for a little amount of money there. It’s the perfect location to buy a holiday home for you in 2016.
If you want to know more about the most popular countries for buying a property for investment and holiday homes,                 Visit www.qualityig.com.  You can also list your properties for sale on our property portal .

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Property Portal the Future of Real Estate.

With all the ups and downs being experienced by all sectors as the result of the global economic slowdown, Property Investment has become the hottest subject for debate and discussion.

This stage of slowdown also witnessed huge changes and developments in the real estate market. Almost everyone has been touched by this aspect, whether renting, buying or selling property. As expected, the changes in the behaviours of consumers and the financial firms alike are the result of the changing trends in today’s unprecedented times. Thankfully, it has now become common to find a dependable property portal (property listings website) that can help make the process easier, hassle free and more convenient than ever.

Property Portal: What Is It?
A property portal or better known as a property listings website introduces a completely new and fresh way of delivering property related transactions and information. An online property portal is a good platform for exchange of details relevant to a specific property. This is where you can find commercial and residential property listings. It is also where you can browse through renting, selling and buying options. There are also useful recommendations for property loans, property registrations, property news, property laws and all related information.
The new developing trend of property portals has transformed the internet to an acceptable and effective medium for smooth real estate transactions. Property buyers and property sellers alike find this medium as very descriptive, highly cost effective and undoubtedly helpful in more ways than one.

Benefits for Property Sellers
For the property sellers, the presence of property portals offers a lot of benefits which include the following:
It allows lower costs as compared to the rest of the common methods of advertisements.
Advertising online makes it possible to have more descriptive and vivid ads as compared to the space restricted print ads.
This provides different add-on features such as uploading of video clips, virtual walk through, archives of listings, online databases and other.
It extends better exposure to the targeted buyers and provides measurable returns.
The internet is the most interactive means of advertising since this connects sellers with potential buyers using chat messengers and others. benefits for Buyers

Benefits for Property Buyers
Property buyers also find online property portals as a feasible ways of searching for properties for the following reasons:
It is time saving and convenient to search for available properties online instead of having to visit real estate agents and wait for their updates.
There are no limitations to numbers of available properties since property agents are often well known in their particular areas.
A property portal reduces dependability on third parties since all listings and information are readily available online.
Searching and comparing different properties based on localities and others has become effortless since portals do these on your behalf.
Buyers can make their online transactions at the soonest time possible, have a walkthrough of vacant properties and see the featured galleries.
Property owners and buyers today interact in the most high-tech way possible. The use of an online international property listings website like www.qlistings.com takes the whole buying and selling process to a higher level.


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