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France, the romantic country of love – has so many enlightening parts to its culture it’s a country of its kind. For British property buyers in France, it is a country that can be easily reached; it is known to be affordable and a bubbly place to be in when practising the French language.

There is some the world’s best ski resorts in the French Alps too and that’s not to mention the most-loved St. Tropez. A beautiful and enriched place, favoured by holidaymakers and by investors. Or you have the tranquil seaside towns of the north in Normandy and Brittany, places where loved ones, a group of friends or a family could escape for a relaxing, getaway break.

Where it has not really been a place to buy and invest in property, the country has been maintained on a realistic basis protecting it from over development. This gives the country its unique selling point, which more and more people are picking up on.

The process of buying homes in France has become relatively straightforward. The two countries can come together in a peaceful way, communicate on matters that can be resolved and work through real estate processes smoothly.

Last year was an active year for France with the sales going up steadily and reached a peak in 2016. Approximately 843,000 transactions were made, up 9% year on year. Second-hand properties in France also increased over the year of 2016, indicating an obvious demand across the country in real estate.

France’s property market is driven by price stability in the main towns. Between 2008 and 2016, the property-buying power went up by 29% due to: low and affordable rates, increase in sales volume, price increases and great overall returns for first-time buyers. The market and economy appear to be in a very strong position, which means that from an investment perspective, it is a safe haven for future investment opportunities.


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