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Italia – Italy is an extraordinary compilation of soul-stirring art, culture and multiculturalism combined with luscious landscapes, scrumptious food and fabulous fashion.

Their benefits exceed above and beyond. The country is one of Mother Nature’s favourites with its geographical edge offering natural diversity above many other countries. From the Southern part of Italy with the volcanic craters and turquoise grottoes to the Northern part built up with icy and inviting Alps and blissful lakes, there are certainly big temptations scattered all over this implausible country.

Italy has over 46.1 million tourists visit there every single year, making it the fifth most visited country in the whole world. It is vastly profound for its rich art and creative efforts together with its all-round natural beauty.

As the country rises in demand from investors all over the world, the price of property in Italy is only destined to increase throughout 2017. This makes an investment venture quite appropriate for now, this year, so that as the prices creep up, so does the value of a newly purchased property equally instant profit.

House sales in Italy went up by over 17% in the autumn of 2016 continuing the already-noticed upward movement. The number of residential property sales in the summer was at its highest since four years ago. This is great news for the Italian economy and can only be used as a forecast for what’s to come this year.

As a whole, there has been an increase in sales across the country. There are so many properties in the Italian market now that are affordable with zero property tax on the main residence and low-interest rates in mortgages, that it makes it so hard to turn down a property investment prospect.