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Be part of an Exclusive group of Businesses gaining direct access to buyers and sellers.

The online version will be distributed to our extensive database of over 10,000 subscribers and included in all our marketing campaigns ensuring maximum exposure for all businesses involved.

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Benefits of Subscribing

Increase traffic and leads

Magazine ads can help you generate increased traffic and leads for your business. By targeting the right audience, you can generate interest in your product or service and convince potential customers to take action

High Impact

Magazine ads tend to have a high impact on consumers, which is why they are so effective at driving conversions. They’re also a great way to build brand awareness and attract new customers

Distributed in Top Locations

The magazine will be delivered to Hotels, Health Clinics and other premises where potential customers can browse while visiting there

First Refusal

First refusal on position for the following year. All subscribers for 2024 will have first refusal for the following year

Small investment for the exposure

Low cost of advertising to the perfect clients in the right locations

Long Lifespan

Quality magazines are well known to have a far longer lifespan than online adverts and provide valuable brand recognition

Subscription to platform

Top listings FREE on our platform for Real Estate businesses included with magazine subscription

Limited pages available

Limited spaces for each country so superb opportunity for each business

QR Code

A QR code will be placed on each page so customers can go directly to your website

The high quality physical Magazine hard copy will be hand-delivered to a variety of businesses and locations where it can be picked up and looked at by potential customers.

Similar businesses where the potential buyers may visit

Qlistings Chosen Clinics

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Real Estate subscribers will be featured in the top positions on the platform ensuring maximum exposure


Magazine subscribers will be given priority and their listings will be shown first in their location or country.

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