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The Philippines is based in the Western Pacific and is a South-east Asian country that has more than 7,000 idyllic islands. The capital, Manila, is popular for their lush waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown, Binondo. It is a country that is defined by its emerald rice field, graffiti-covered jeepneys (which are a unique form of transportation), intriguing volcanoes, their incredible, full-of-life cities and their charming people.

Their tropical islands all ripe exploration, discovery and whole new worlds waiting to be enjoyed. People fall in love when they visit the Philippines, as it is a new era of beauty with mountainous views enticing the experience to another height. There is an island to suit every taste and sun worshippers cannot get enough of the place. Many travellers like to pitch up a tent and stay on their adorable coastline, which is glistening with love, peace and warmth – exactly what a real holiday break is all about. Or for the adventurous type, put on your boots and do some trekking – it can be done just about anywhere, or rock climb to gain that adrenaline even more.

It is a spiritual and cultural country too, that has a quirkiness to it, which is fun, exciting and uplifting to experience. They have a hint of the Spanish era, which are embedded in their festivals, colonial architecture and centuries-old churches. English is widely spoken in the Philippines also, so communication for English speakers will not be an issue, integrating should be fun and easy!

We are sure that this country will captivate you like it continues to captivate so many visitors and investors from all over the world. Make the most of their influences, their special beauty and their inspiring culture.

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