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It could not be easier just hit the Register/Login button on the top menu and follow the steps. Contact us through the orange live chat button on the right. You can schedule a call back by hitting the orange phone button.


After consultation and property is uploaded we will sign a simple agreement

When property is uploaded and you are ready to go proceed with our modern means to sell! then we will sign a simple agreement protecting both our rights.
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Qlistings - Card image


We recommend using the modern methods to show the property in extraordinary times

We live in extraordinary times but with the help of modern technology we are sure your property can be shown off to its full potential. If you do have videos or suitable images we can arrange for our experts to help and do what required.


A range of options to help find a suitable buyer tailored to your budget

Having a great property in a superb location for sale is not much good if nobody sees it. We have a range of marketing packages to suit all budgets and also an extensive list of potential buyers already on our mailing lists. All progress on marketing will be monitored directly from your dashboard and any enquiries come directly through instant messaging. This transparent process ensures value for money and the best possible chance of finding potential buyers.
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Qlistings - Card image


Not possible to show the property? Try virtual viewings

Given these extraordinary times it may not be possible to visit the country where the property is located. We aim to provide the buyers with the best viewing experience possible online.


Connect directly with buyers or use our agents to negotiate on your behalf

After the buyer has decided on a property they can then submit an offer directly to the owner or representative for consideration. A private deal room can be used for communicating thus saving lots of time and energy.
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Qlistings - Card image


No need to wait for contracts to be delivered

The lawyers will have been working online in the background to ensure when the the time come to sign contracts everything is there checked and ready. We use the most up to date E signature technology approved by our lawyers.


Congratulations all done! Modern style efficiency

Lawyers will complete the process online and proceeds for sale will be deposited to your bank account. Sales process will have completed using all available modern technologies and you are free to move on with your life.
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