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Buying a property in Spain is always going to be popular with those form less warmer climates. Whether it is for family fun or a relaxing escapade with friends or  loved one, it offers property buyers the perfect combination for everyone. Equally, the country is so close to all other European countries and is fantastically cheap, that is without mentioning how stunning the weather is all-year-round.

The traditions there can be widely enjoyed – their elegant flamingo dancing and their delicious tapas food add a lovely uniqueness to the Spanish culture. If you fancy an early retirement in the sunshine in a picturesque and affordable country, then this is the right place to invest.

It can be said that living and buying property in Spain may appear to be easy. It’s modern and has first-class public services: in the health and education sectors. There are expats flooding the country and many Spanish citizens can speak English or are wishful learners of the English language.

Home sales and houses prices continue to increase across Spanish land. The housing market is expanding with 38,176 home sales in February – a 10% upsurge on last year. House prices have gone up by 2.5% too, showing that apartments and single-family houses have been going up in cost.

Banks tend to lend more to their customers now, as new residential loans data showed that they were up by 2.5% over the recent months. This is great news for first-time buyers who are desperate to get on the property ladder living in Spain, or for investors who want to get a mortgage in the country in order to embark on an investment adventure in a sunny and delightful country.


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