Invest in Turkey

  Turkey is not just a beautiful and fascinating country, it is seriously modernising at a fast past making it more of an attractive place to visit and invest in. It has a lovely mix of cultural diversity and the aura in the country is very welcoming and warm. It has exceptional history – you can find intriguing ruins there from Troy to Side, ancient mystic churches, forts and castles and knowledgeable individuals who are willing to share the country’s amazing background.  It is a very friendly country even throughout the busiest of locations in Turkey. For example, in Istanbul, the vibes are outgoing and comfortable. Tourists and investors who are planning to invest in the Turkish real estate market will be sure off to a very good start in terms of social integration. Alike, Turkey is popular with tourists and no wonder why with its pristine beaches all along the coast, spread across Turkey’s smaller communities. The country is surrounded by four different seas, which make Turkey an inspiring and breath-taking country with so much to see, experience and enjoy. Resorts and villages attract thousands of people annually – for exciting summers by the sea – especially in places such as Fethiye, Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum and Altinkum. These what may be ‘unheard of’ places to many people can be seen as hidden gems – they are powerful in all their beauty and offer tourists and property buyers in Turkey a pleasant surprise. The FairFX property Abroad Index has been researching the property markets of specific European countries. Turkey was amongst the most affordable country to buy a second home in, priced at approximately £120,782 respectively. This year it can be expected that Middle East investors, in particular, are moving into Turkey, focusing mainly on investment opportunities in Istanbul. Together with the number of Arabs buying property in Turkey historically growing by 8-9% every year, it’s projected that this share will grow in Istanbul, especially in 2017.