United Kingdom

Invest in the UK

  The United Kingdom made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland lives a whole world of investment opportunities waiting to be explored. For sure there is so much to do and see, especially in the Capital city of London where there are unlimited treasures to be found, but there is something for everyone, no matter what walk of life a person comes from. Discovering history, art, culture, fashion and literature in the UK comes by no surprise. Over extensive historical periods of time, so many fantastic inventions have stemmed from the UK. Equally, millions of tourists from all over the planet visit the UK regularly, to make the most of the cultures and the different creative endeavours that can be enjoyed. In London for example, it is very multicultural, which means that any investment venture is likely to be a success with such a broad audience to attract. The sense of culture in the UK varies for so many different people as the diversity is so broad. It is such a multicultural place making it more likely that any property and any price will be right for someone. All of the places inside the UK have incredible picturesque landscapes too. From beautiful hillsides and mountains to mesmerising lakes and British traditions, it is a global influential hub full of prospering ideas and life-changing phenomena. Some of the most iconic landmarks in the world can be found in the UK. The architecture is outstanding and dates back to thousands of years ago, for example, the world-famous Westminster Abbey Cathedral. All of these attractions mean that investing in such a globally equipped island nation is nothing but a fantastic idea. Since Brexit, Theresa May has triggered Article 50. Industry professionals predict that the property market will stabilise once Brexit enrols in motion. They also believe that the number of house sales will rise across the country and interest rates will not upsurge. A lot of the international interest will come from the weakening of the pound, which has fuelled demand from overseas. According to ONS, Cebr analysis, the average UK house price in 2010 was £169,000 compared to in 2013 when it went up to by a 4.4% change, year-on-year from 2012, to £171,000. In 2017 the average price of a house is £220,000 and it is predicted to increase to £272,000 by 2021. The increases may seem gradual but they are inevitably going up and so is the popularity and admiration for the United Kingdom.

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